Did you know that makeup originally came from the 1st Dynasty of Egypt?  Around 6000 years ago, humans began using makeup to enhance their appeal. History shows how different elements were used as makeup, from kohl to chalk and even lead!  Thankfully, we humans have found healthier and better options to make ourselves look more attractive.   It is quite an amusing journey as to how far the makeup industry has progressed and how we have found superior and healthier ways to look better. One of the most groundbreaking beauty methods in recent years has been microblading. It took over the industry, from celebrities to influencers to the girl next door, it seemed that everyone was getting microblading.  And so it wasn’t long before we started to see that microblading was not a good fit for everyone.  We started to see ashy, gray and blue eyebrows, we started to see weird reddish eyebrows and we saw a lot of scarring, we also started to see those thick and deep strokes that did not look like hairstokes at all!  This was, until fairly recently, the only way to achieve a permanent eyebrow. Well, that was until Powder Brows came along, powder brows also known as microshading and ombre brows are now giving us an alternative to microblading and in turn, giving people an option to go for a more natural look that ages beautifully over time. 

What Do We Mean When We Say Powder Brows? 

Powder Brows refers to the process of filling in spaces that lack hair follicles throughout the eyebrows. The procedure uses cosmetic pigment especially formulated for this purpose and a device that is similar to that of a tattoo needle. You might ask why this procedure is called powder eyebrows? Well, that is due to the soft, diffused look it offers to the wearer. Unlike other procedures and methods of filling in eyebrows that often result in the eyebrows appearing fake and chunky; this mode delivers a soft airbrushed color, naturally enhancing the eyebrow.  With an intricate shading technique for applying this permanent makeup, you can achieve the  perfect look that stays with you no matter what. How often do we fear that our eyebrows will come off after a night out or during a warm day?  With this technique there is no chance of that happening and that is a wonderful and freeing feeling!   How does it work? The procedure is quite simple. With a fine needle, a trained permanent makeup artist deposits the ink into the skin. With their skillful hand movement, a dotting and airbrushing technique is used where the artist gradually fills in the eyebrow layer by layer. Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup LA specializes in the powder brow technique and has extensive experience in microblading as well as powder brows, your brows will be customized for you with natural shades and a perfect shape to bring out your unique beauty ensuring a head-turning natural look. 

How Long Does A Powder Brow last?

As compared to many other eyebrow filling procedures, the powder brow lasts the longest. On average, the procedure can last for as long as 3 years or more. However, it is also dependent on the client herself, her metabolism, lifestyle and age.  To prevent the fading of your powder brows ensure that you do not expose your powder brows to the sun and avoid chemical peels and harsh skin treatments around the eyebrow area.  That being said, we want you to enjoy your life and not worry too much because you can always come in for a quick touch up to refresh your brows.  

How Natural Do Powder Brows look? 

Here is an often asked question by our clients, do powder brows look natural? And the answer is yes! There is a reason why they are so popular right now and that is due to the powder brows looking as natural as they can get. Due to the method through which the ink is applied, the pigment sits nicely with the natural eyebrows. Not only does it blend into the eyebrows but makes it impossible to notice whether a procedure has been done on the eyebrows or not.  The sole aim of this technique is to reduce any fake and unnatural looking eyebrows and it is completely customizable. Whatever shade of blonde, red, black or brown you choose, the outcome will be as natural as can be.

What You Should Know Before You Get Powder Brows?

We encourage our clients to do their research and get in touch with experts at Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup LA so that we can guide you through the process beforehand. With our extensive experience we can help you find the perfect color and shape for your eyebrows and answer any questions that you may have. Now, what are you waiting for? Not only is this eyebrow treatment a permanent makeup solution and even better than microblading but it is best for all sorts of skin types. It is also the most natural-looking solution for your eyebrows. You might want to invest in this one, as the results will speak louder than words. We at Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup will help you create a look that will be your secret weapon!   
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