You know what they say, nothing in life is permanent, and yes, that applies even to your permanent makeup tattoos! As safe and successful as permanent makeup is, nothing is set in stone. Maybe the eyebrow tattoo you got is starting to seem a little over the top, perhaps the trend has changed and you want to keep up, maybe you found out that there’s another eyeliner style that suits you better, or perhaps your permanent makeup artist just botched the job. Whatever your reasons might be, we are just glad to inform you that you can now get your cosmetic tattoo removed through procedures that are non-invasive and entirely safe.  You already might have heard about laser tattoo removal as it has been around some time, but if the downsides of that procedure are stopping you from getting rid of unwanted permanent makeup, let us introduce you to saline tattoo removal. The comparatively new tattoo removal procedure has been winning hearts left and right because of its numerous benefits, one of them being a completely natural method. Let’s learn more about this alternate option so we can rock only the tattoos we love. 

What Is Saline Tattoo Removal? 

A long time ago, when tattoo removal was just beginning to spread its roots, people used to remove their permanent makeup in all kinds of abrasive ways.  These methods were painful, ineffective, and likely to cause permanent damage to the skin. However, there was some truth and logic to it, therefore, modern-day science took it to theory and made a safe practice out of it, one which is much more effective and harmless to the skin.  Today, the saline tattoo removal procedure is conducted using only medical-grade saline solution along with a coil or a rotary tattoo device. With this machine, the saline solution penetrates the upper layer of the skin, where the tattoo pigment was previously injected, and breaks down the ink. The hypertonic combination of salt, purified water, and other natural products pulls the pigment to the surface of the skin, which eventually becomes a scab and expels the ink entirely while it is healing. 

Who are the Best Candidates for Saline Tattoo Removal? 

People with small tattoos are the best candidates for saline tattoo removal. It is also the most effective method for the removal of permanent makeup. The best candidates for saline tattoo removal are people who want to get rid of the following tattoos:
  • Microblading
  • Eyebrow tattoo
  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Scalp micropigmentation
  • Lip tattoos 

Why Choose Saline Tattoo Removal Over Laser Tattoo Removal 

Laser tattoo removal is one of the most common tattoo removal procedures, however, it has some downsides, which makes saline tattoo removal a better alternative. Here are some of the top reasons to choose saline over laser: 
  1. There are certain types and colors of tattoo inks that do not respond well to lasers, so despite going through the pain of the procedure, the results will be unsatisfactory.  What can happen instead is a change of color after the laser procedure. When it comes to cosmetic tattoos where the ink is different from that of conventional tattoos, one should always choose saline tattoo removal over laser ink removal. 
  2. Eyebrow tattoo removal is a risky business with lasers because, in addition to removing the tattoo, it also can permanently remove your natural brow hair. With the saline solution, your eyebrow hairs remain intact while the tattoo vanishes into nothingness. 
  3. If you are going in for the removal of several tattoos, choosing saline is a smarter choice because it works on all kinds of tattoo inks. Laser machines used for the removal have a specific wavelength emission which makes it limited to only certain kinds of pigment. 
  4. If your tattoo is white, the laser doesn’t work on it at all. You are better off choosing saline for permanent removal. 
  5. The laser breaks down the ink via pulsed light and pushes it into your skin, leaving the body to absorb it, where it is eventually processed through the lymphatic system. In contrast, the saline removal technique pulls the ink towards the surface of the skin, from where it is entirely removed and expelled from the body. 
  6. Laser tattoo removal is intense and often leaves shiny skin or scar tissue behind. As a result, you may not be able to get another tattoo on the same spot again. This does not happen with saline solution and you can easily get another tattoo over your last unwanted one after complete healing. 

Expectations Before and After the Removal Procedure 

Here’s what you should know about preparing yourself before the procedure and the aftercare involved: Before
  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • Must be in good overall health and be able to heal.
  • Must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Must be off Accutane for a year.  
  • To prevent complications and for best results follow all the aftercare instructions from your technician.
  • Expect the skin to feel a little irritated and then scabbed. It’s normal.
  • Keep those scabs as long as you can, for most people it is about a week.
  • It might take more than one treatment and multiple sessions to remove the tattoo completely.
Now that you know enough about saline tattoo removal and know that you have an alternative to lasers, are you ready to jump in and get rid of the tattoo you don’t want anymore?   You might have a safe and effective procedure as an option now, but it is also important to make sure you are in safe hands with an experienced provider. Reach out to Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA, California, where they use high-end, safe, and tested solutions along with state-of-the-art technology to remove permanent makeup gently and effectively. They also make sure you are the right candidate for the procedure and walk you through the aftercare steps to ensure the best results.