Ever wonder how celebrities and models have such alluring facial features? Do you think they are concealing something you don’t know about?  Want to know their secret? You will be surprised to learn that a lot of it is related to permanent makeup. For those of you who want to give your eyebrows that perfect “brow style”, that enhances your look, but doesn’t take hours to do, then microblading might just be the solution you have been looking for. Not only would you be saving numerous hours spent on penciling in your brows but you will also be saving money on all of that eyebrow makeup you keep having to buy! The Los Angeles lifestyle requires us to stay chic and look our most fashionable selves. After all, LA is a hub for beauty and style trends and not to mention, the best makeup artists in the world practice their craft here.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of brow architecture. Using color pigments, artists fill in thin sparse eyebrow areas to make them look thicker, darker, and more symmetrical.  The procedure isn’t completely permanent. If done correctly and with the right after-care treatment, one can expect results to last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. 

How Much Does Microblading Cost In LA?

LA is the home of Hollywood and as such, it is teeming with celebrities, models, and highly fashionable individuals. Some of the world’s best artists work here and so costs can vary dramatically depending on who you choose as your artist. Microblading costs in LA can range from around $300 on the low end to upwards of $1800 or more. Artists that work with celebrities or have large social media followings can often charge obscene amounts of money for makeup services. This is why it always pays to shop around!   These costs are also just for the initial procedure. Touch Ups, that are required at least once on average a year, are priced separately. Each touchup session can cost an additional $150 – $600. So, microblading isn’t what you would call cheap. However, those that understand its value realize that these prices are nothing compared to the look, feel, and freedom you feel after getting the brows you have always wanted!

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Microblading in LA

There are two factors that impact the cost of microblading in LA. These factors are as follows:

The Location Of The Studio

Studios located in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) or situated around LA’s numerous elite residential areas will charge a lot more for permanent makeup procedures as compared to artists or studios that are located out in the suburbs or in more affordable neighborhoods around the city.

The Popularity & Experience Of The Artist

Artists or studios that are in high demand will charge a lot more for services as they know that customers who want them to perform the procedure will likely pay more. Artists that have celebrity endorsements, social media followings, and are generally popular in the makeup industry will charge a lot more than someone that is new and relatively unknown.

Reasons For Choosing Microblading?

There are many reasons why microblading is the preferred option for your brows, here are some of the most common: Do you want to have thicker and perfectly shaped eyebrows? Eyebrows that look realistic and natural and last for a longer period of time without the need for makeup? If this is the case microblading will be a great choice for you. For those of us working women who are always on the move and struggle to keep up with our makeup routines, microblading can be a godsend.  The treatment isn’t painful and is also non-invasive. However, one may experience mild discomfort and minimal redness on the skin post-procedure.  No down time. People can go back to work following their treatment.  

The Benefits Of Microblading

Using this technique, artists can fill in the bald gaps around your eyebrows. Pigment deposited by special needles blends in perfectly with your existing hair. This results in natural fuller looking brows that are perfectly symmetrical and in any shape you desire. The results are long-lasting and you will only need occasional touch-ups to extend the life of your brows.  The pigment used will stay in place even if you wash your face or use other facial cleaning and cosmetic products. After the brows have healed, fading will only occur gradually.  The recovery period is also quite short. Yes, for the first week you will have to be careful but after that initial period, you can enjoy your new brows for years to come.  The final and perhaps the most important benefit of microblading is that it will save you time and energy from your daily makeup routine and save you the embarrassment of uneven or lopsided brows.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

As microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, if properly done, it should last no longer than 12-18 months. Its longevity depends largely on a person’s skin type. For individuals with oily skin, microblading will only last for about a year, if they are lucky.  However, for those that have dry or combination skin, the results can last much longer. Touch Ups are required every year or so as the pigment begins to fade, or if you like, you can let them fade away naturally.   For those looking for a longer lasting eyebrow solution, find a permanent makeup artist who also does powder brows.   The Best Microblading Studio In LA For those of you seeking a studio that specializes in permanent makeup, microblading and powder brows and also offers competitive rates, head on over to Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup LA. They are located at 12121 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 102. In the West LA, Santa Monica area.  You will get to meet Sandy Allbright the owner and artist of Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup LA. She has helped hundreds if not thousands of clients achieve their dream look.  Whether it is permanent eyebrows or permanent makeup removal, they understand that every client is unique and blessed with different aesthetics, bone structure, and skin. To learn more about how they can help, call to book an appointment today. 310-592-6337
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