Have you decided to up your brow game and get them microbladed? Great! Let’s jump to the next step of going to the right artist and how to find one. You may see lots of artists and studios around, but can you trust them? You need to make sure that you choose an artist you are comfortable with and can trust. Don’t forget microblading is a tattoo, literally, and that tattoo is on your face! You don’t want to mess this up in any way and regret it later, so choosing the right artist is the  most critical step in the entire process.

How To Choose Your Artist? – Things To Consider

 Here is a checklist:

Are They Professionally Trained?

This is essential! You need to make sure that the artist you have chosen is trained to perform the procedure. Many would claim that they have completed a certification, but not all training is the same. There are several courses available claiming to train people within days for microblading. Microblading is a complex procedure, and it takes much longer than a couple of days to get properly trained in this.  Always ask the artists what certifications do they have? Where do they get them? How long was their course? And if they are currently learning? The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the artist, and you would know to trust them or to run from them as fast as you can.

Do They Have Photos of Their Previous Work?

Before and after photos are a great way to judge the expertise of an artist. These photos can tell you how skilled the microblading artist is. You will also be able to tell if their style suits you or not.  However, be vigilant with the photos too, as they should be of their actual work and not copied off the internet. Look for branding on the pictures, like logos. Artists who don’t have their original work to show are hiding something or simply don’t have the experience. In either case this should be a hard pass.  

Does The Artist Offer More Than One Method?

Try to go to an artist that offers more than one method of permanent eyebrows. Many people do not have the right skin type for microblading but if the artist that you are considering only offers microblading, microblading is what you will get regardless of whether or not it is right for you, and if this is the case, the final results will look unnatural. Your artist should be skilled enough to provide powder/ombre brows, nano brows, combo brows or microshading to get you the best results.   Does The Artist Offer Removal Services? This is a no brainer.  Having the ability to remove pigment should be on every artist’s resume. Imagine if there is a little correction that needs to be made, wouldn’t you want to have that addressed quickly and efficiently?  If your artist has this skill the chances of a bad outcome is pretty much non-existent.

Is The Artist Approachable?

Some artists are busy and that is a good thing but they should never be too busy to not have time for a quick phone call at the end of the day or during a lunch break.  Communication is key between you and your artist and her priority should be making sure that you are heard and that your concerns are valid.  If the artist you are considering is aloof or does not vibe with you, reassess your options. 

How Does Their Website Look?

A website can tell you so much about the studio or artist. You would be able to know their background, their expertise, their style, the type of services they provide and the price list. In this age where technology is everything, websites work like quick resumes. You can review it before deciding if the person is the right fit for your needs or not. Don’t trust someone with little to no information on the website and someone who doesn’t have a website is a complete no-no!

Safety and Cleanliness?

Your health and safety should be the top priority no matter what! Microblading is cutting into the skin and implanting pigments, so there is no space for error. Infection prevention, disinfecting, sterilizing, and avoiding cross-contamination is the artist’s responsibility, and there is a strict protocol to follow. Los Angeles County requires all body artists to hold a BBP certificate, this should be prominently displayed in the studio.  If you do not see this certificate consider this a red flag. Ensure the artist you are trusting your face with takes all of this seriously and takes proper safety measures after and before the procedure.

Are They Confident In Showing Testimonials?

This is really vital. Client reviews can help you in making the right decision. Any artist who is confident in how they do their job would not hesitate from showing you the testimonials their clients have left for the work they have done. Remember to go through the studio’s social media or an artist that you are planning to choose. You can connect with the previous clients there and get the feedback you need.  If for any reason, your artist hesitates to show before and after results on previous clients or if the reviews are not so promising, proceed with caution. Be sure to check social media, Google reviews and the website. If there is anything shady about an artist, you will get a hint from one of these platforms.

Are They Insured And Protected?

Believe it or not, there are artists in the industry who do not have any type of insurance. It is irresponsible and dangerous on the part of the artist. If there is no insurance, it means that the artist is not licensed and there will be no recourse for you if something goes wrong. Ensure that you have signed waivers and the artist has your complete medical history. The artist should ask detailed questions and give you written precautions for before and aftercare.  

Microblading West Hollywood – The Right Artist For You!

If you take these points into consideration you should have no problem in finding the right microblading artist. However, if you don’t want to go through all that hassle and want a reputed artist in Los Angeles to look after your brows we would highly recommend visiting Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA, in Los Angeles. They tick all the boxes and have countless reviews from celebrities and soccer moms alike! The business owner, herself, has had her fair share of eyebrow struggles and understands just how important having perfect eyebrows can be when it comes to looking your best. Call today to book an appointment and get those dream eyebrows you have always wanted!  
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