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Eyebrow, lip, and eyeliner tattoos are commonly seen on women and men who desire thicker, fuller and more defined facial esthetics but do not want to fill them in with makeup every day.  However, styles change and these cosmetic tattoos can also migrate and  change in color over time.

These are some of the many reasons why we see clients who want to successfully and effectively get cosmetic tattoo removal treatments. With Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA you can rest assured that you are in expert hands when getting a cosmetic tattoo removal service in the Los Angeles area.  We are committed to helping you achieve phenomenal results.

saline microblading removal near me in Los Angeles

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Saline Tattoo Removal using the Li-FT Lightening Solution

So what is Li-FT?  LI-FT Non-Laser Tattoo Lightening is a saline based solution that is used to lighten and erase permanent makeup tattoos safely and without the use of a laser. It contains no chemicals or acids and is safe for use around the delicate eye area and face.  Li-FT is delivered into the skin where the unwanted permanent makeup pigment or body tattoo ink resides by using conventional tattoo methods.  This is the least invasive and most effective method of cosmetic tattoo and microblading removal. 

What is it Actually Made Of?

The Li-FT solution is medically formulated and made of a highly concentrated saline compound.  It is a natural formula of unique salts, lemon seed oils and orange seed oils, selected for their powerful fading and exfoliating properties, and aloe extract selected for its potent healing capabilities.

Li-FT was engineered and formulated by chemists specifically for the professional permanent makeup artist and is manufactured in a licenced, accredited and sterile lab in the USA.  It has proven to be the most effective, safest and natural way to remove old microblading, permanent makeup and small tattoos.



Saline Tattoo Removal using the Li-FT Lightening Solution - Microblading Removal Los Angeles

How Does Saline Remove Microblading & Other Permanent Makeup?

The saline solution is inserted into the skin in much the same way as the original ink or pigment was deposited.  Once the Li-FT solution is in the skin it causes the process of osmosis to take place, this highly concentrated solution will move the pigment up toward the outer surface of the skin and then it will be ejected by the natural healing process. 

After the treatment a scab will form in the area, it is vital that the scab be allowed to fall off naturally, in doing so the unwanted pigment or ink will attach itself to the scab and will then be pulled up and out with it.  Leaving the scab to fall off naturally allows for the maximum amount of pigment to be pulled from the skin and allows the skin to heal without leaving a scar.


Microblading Removal in Los Angeles

Cosmetic Removal LA FAQS

The treatment feels very similar to being tattooed.  Numbing cream will be applied before and during the session to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Compared to other methods used to remove permanent makeup, like that of lasers and acids, this process is essentially painless when it comes to the actual removal of a cosmetic tattoo.


Anyone who wants to get rid of undesirable microblading, bad eyebrow tattoos, old permanent makeup and small tattoos can benefit from saline removal but it may take some time and patience.  With darker colors and shadows it is particularly effective (because dark colors have smaller molecules) these issues are usually resolved in one or two sessions. Clients who wish to get rid of lighter or white pigments may need numerous treatments (because of larger molecules) but the results will be worth it.


Microblading can be removed. There are two ways in which this can be done.  Most people know only of lasers but at Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA we use a less invasive method that utilizes a proprietary saline solution called Li-FT.  Li-FT is specifically designed for removing old microblading and permanent makeup.


Each session takes about 60-90 minutes to cover a 2″ x 2″ (4 square inch area).    


There is no way to accurately predict how many sessions each individual will need but many people see a difference in as little as 1 session.  It really depends on many factors like the size and saturation of the pigment, what kind of pigment or ink was used and depth of the ink or pigment in the skin.

The process may require 1-4 sessions and in some cases more, it depends on how saturated with ink or pigment the area is and how many times the area has been tattooed. Each treatment is done eight weeks apart as the skin needs two growth cycles to rejuvenate and reveal true results.


Microblading produces a natural-looking outcome that lasts for roughly one to three years. However, if an error was made during the application or you are unhappy with your results, saline eyebrow tattoo removal will be a safe and effective method to rid you of the unwanted permanent makeup.

Lip Liner Removal

Cosmetic inks oxidize differently than conventional tattoo inks, and when exposed to a laser, these compounds can darken.  Due to the possibility of ink oxidation, clients may sometimes see grey or black lips.  At Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA we know how distressing a migrated or discoloured lip tattoo can be, so we strive to offer the gentlest  and most effectual saline removal treatment possible.

Eyeliner Removal

Because it is very important not to overwork the delicate skin around the eyes, we at Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA employ a soft touch to remove old eyeliner tattoos.    Lasers are not recommended for this procedure as they are contraindicated for use near the eye area, this is why Li-FT is the number one choice for eyeliner tattoo removal. 

  • Lasers are painful and expensive vs. Saline removal is a lot less painful and affordable.
  • Laser tattoo removal cannot see/treat certain colors vs. Saline is effective on all colors.
  • Lasers can damage the skin vs. Saline is gentle on all skin types.
  • Lasers are dangerous around the eye area vs.  Saline is safe to use around the eye, even on eyeliner.
  • Lasers change the molecular structure of the skin which will make it more difficult to accept pigment or ink in the future vs. The saline method does not change the skin and will not interfere with future work.
  • The laser tattoo removal process can remove eyebrow hair permanently vs. Saline which will not cause any harm to your eyebrow hair.

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