Makeup & Microblading Removal

This is non-laser removal


The saline solution is inserted into the skin in much the same way as the original in or pigment was put in the skin. After the treatment a scab will form in the area, it is vital that the scab be allowed to fall off naturally, in doing so the unwanted pigment/ink attaches itself to the scab and will be pulled up with it.  Leaving the scab to fall off naturally allows for the maximum amount of pigment to be pulled up out of the skin and allows the skin will heal without leaving a scar.

 The process may require 1-3 sessions and in some cases more, depending on how saturated with ink or pigment the area is and how many times the area has been tattooed. The healing period between treatments is eight weeks as the skin needs two growth cycles to rejuvenate and reveal true results.


We use a medically formulated saline solution, it is the most effective, safest and natural way to remove unwanted microblading, permanent makeup or tattoos.

The solution is manufactured in an accredited, sterile laboratory in the US.  It is a natural formula of lemon seed extract, lime seed extract, a formula of unique salts, water and aloe. 

Saline VS Laser

  • Lasers are painful and expensive vs. Saline removal is a lot less painful and affordable.
  • Lasers cannot see/treat certain colors vs. Saline is effective on all colors.
  • Lasers can damage the skin vs. Saline is gentle on all skin types.
  • Lasers are dangerous around the eye area vs.  Saline is safe to use around the eye, even on eyeliner.
  • Lasers change the molecular structure of the skin which will make it more difficult to accept pigment or ink in the future vs. The saline method does not change the skin and will not interfere with future work.
  • Laser can remove eyebrow hair permanently vs. Saline doe not cause any harm to your eyebrow hair.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is very similar to being tattooed, numbing cream will be applied before and during the procedure to keep you comfortable.

How long does it take? 

Each session takes about 35-45 minutes to cover a 2″ x 2″ (4 square inch area).

How soon will I see results?

There is no way to accurately predict how many sessions each individual will need but many people see a difference in as little as one treatment.

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Microblading FAQs
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