Sandy Allbright, Brow Artist

Lily The Pink is my passion. It merges my love of make-up and my love for helping people look and feel beautiful. As an eyebrow-challenged individual, I found myself having to face the day with a startlingly bare forehead or spend hours (yes, hours) getting my eyebrows to even look like actual eyebrows. I knew there had to be a better way. 

Enter the amazing world of permanent makeup and microblading. When I saw what could be done with this miraculous art form I was floored, I had to be a part of it, I had found my raison d’être.

I named my company Lily The Pink after an old folk song that I had sung as a kid. It hilariously chronicles the tale of one Lydia E. Pinkham who invented a mysterious medicinal compound that somehow cures the ailments of humankind because it is “most efficacious in every case”. It is my mission to empower people and lift their spirits with permanent make-up just like dear Lily did with her good medicine.

Sandy Allbright 
Lily The Pink

LilythepinkLA- Microblading Eyebrow Artist - Permanent Makeup

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