For women with thin brows, or sparse brows, there is a way to achieve a long-lasting, natural-looking, filled-in effect without applying makeup every single day. Yes, you heard that right. Most people don’t realize just how time consuming making up eyebrows can be but thanks to permanent makeup procedures, we now can have perfect eyebrows all the time.   Most people have heard of procedures such as microblading but have never heard of Powder Brows. In this article we talk about Powder Brows, a treatment similar to microblading, but still very different.  

What Are Powder Brows?

  The result of years of waxing and plucking can leave anyone’s eyebrows looking bare, exhibiting an almost bland expression. Enter powder brows, or as the permanent makeup artists like to call it, ombre/powder brows!    Powder brows are gaining popularity as the go-to treatment for people who do not want to get microblading because it is longer-lasting and less invasive. The permanent makeup artist custom designs the client’s eyebrows based on their natural brow shape, lifestyle and desired look.   The PMU artist then uses a handheld machine, similar to the one a tattoo artist uses, to deposit tiny dots of pigment underneath the skin. The device contains a single needle that  allows for beautifully airbrushed permanent brows.   

Microblading Vs. Powder Brows

  Some of you might say, wait a minute “this sounds kind of like microblading!” Well, in a way you are right, but there is a key difference.   Microblading deposits pigment under the skin by creating cuts in the skin. The Powder Brow Technique on the other hand, deposits pigment under the skin without making any cuts at all.   The advantage of this is that the permanent makeup artist has greater control over exactly how much color is deposited and at what depth which means a natural-looking permanent eyebrow without damaging the skin.   People seeking darker, deeper, more defined eyebrows can get multiple layers of pigment deposits to create a bolder Powder Brow look if desired.  

When To Choose Powder Brows

  Powder brows are the way to go for people who have almost no natural brows left. Permanent makeup artists recommend powder brows for people who have little hair or no hair on their eyebrows at all. If these people opt for microblading, their results will not be natural looking as there is too little hair to blend in with the microblading.   Powder brows also tend to be a better option for people who have dense eyebrows above their nose (bulb) with no hair at the ends of the eyebrows (tail).   People with oily skin can also achieve a better brow look with powdered brows as compared to microblading. This is because oily skin causes the ink during the microblading procedure to blur which would defeat the purpose of microblading entirely. With powder brows, it makes little difference if you have oily skin or not.   If you are one of those people that want to spend less time on their morning makeup routine, powdered brows offer the ultimate solution. This is a wonderful way to achieve permanent eyebrows without microblading. Another plus about powder brows is they fade away much slower than microblading and look great for much longer without the need for continual touch-ups.  

How To Get Powder Brows?

  On your first visit, the PMUA (Permanent Makeup Artist) will spend about 15-30 minutes designing the ideal shape for your brows. She will consider your natural facial features while making the draw, she may even use wax-covered strings and other instruments to determine symmetry. Her main goals are to even out bald spots by filling them in and to flatter the face.   People often ask: “Is this a tattoo”?  Well the answer is yes, in that anytime you deposit ink or pigment in skin it is considered a tattoo.  But… It is also very different from a tattoo too, in that the pigment is deposited in the upper layers of the skin (not as deep as traditional tattooing) and that the pigments used are especially formulated for the facial area.   If it’s your first time, how do you get comfortable with a tattoo machine so close to your eyes? Do not fear, a professional artist will always apply a numbing cream before the procedure so you do not feel anything during the treatment.    The entire treatment, from the application of the numbing cream, the design, to the actual tattooing, can take up to 2 hours. Make sure you let your artist know if the numbing cream wears off during the treatment.  

The Healing Process For Powder Brows

  On the day of the treatment, you will leave with a bit of redness and some stunning brows. Remember to sleep on a clean pillowcase and avoid scratching your brows until the scabbing is gone. You do not want to cause irritation by scratching, scrubbing, or putting pressure on your brows during this time. Doing any of these things in the first 1-2 weeks can negatively  affect your healed results.   In the next week or so, the scabbing from the cosmetic tattoo will shed slowly and this is a completely natural phase of the healing process. The only thing you need to do is not touch them!  Once the first 7-10 days are over, your eyebrows will look like they’ve been beautifully filled in with a pencil.  

The Follow-Up Appointment

  You must book a follow-up appointment about 4-6 weeks from the day you first got your powder brows. The permanent makeup artist will take this time to examine your brows and make sure that they’ve healed evenly. She will use this opportunity to fill in any visual bald spots and go bigger or darker if you so desire.   The perfect look is hard to achieve in the first sitting because the PMUA needs to consider many factors. Some of these considerations include your skin type and how it responded to the treatment. She can make simple tweaks to your overall look at the follow-up appointment based on your needs.  

Choosing A Brow Artist For The Best Brow Look

  It is so important to choose the right brow artist because the Powder Brow is a form of a semi-permanent tattoo. Strike a balance between your budget and the expertise of the brow artist. Don’t put your brows in the hand of a novice by skimping on your budget. This is not a procedure for an inexperienced hand and remembers too, removing an unwanted cosmetic tattoo is expensive and time-consuming.   Schedule a consultation with brow specialist Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA, the best brow artist in the Santa Monica and the surrounding area. You will be expertly guided through the initial procedure and follow-up treatments. Say goodbye to bare and shapeless eyebrows. Get in touch with Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup today to book your appointment.
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