Microblading is the go-to procedure for having luscious thick eyebrows. Every woman wants to have well-defined and perfectly shaped eyebrows, even men are jumping on the bandwagon and getting microbladed.   However, microblading is not for everyone because it is an invasive procedure. It requires incisions to be made in your eyebrow skin and before going forward you must fulfill the age and health criteria.   In this article, we will be discussing who should not get microblading and the overall procedure of microblading: 

Who Should Not Get Microblading?

Individuals who are prone to keloids:

Keloids occur when a person’s body makes excess protein to heal a wound. If you have experienced a keloid, especially in the facial area, there is a high possibility of developing keloids and a microblading treatment would not be ideal.  Research powder brows instead, it is a less invasive permanent eyebrow option and is fast gaining popularity.

Super thin skin:

If you have super skin thin or you are on medication such as Isotretonin that causes your skin to thin you should avoid microblading. 

Rosacea or Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation:

Clients with such conditions cannot have microblading because these conditions can aggravate the situation and the microblading will not heal well.

Individuals with visible redness on face:

Redness on the face can occur due to broken blood vessels. Since these blood vessels are too close to the skin surface they can cause excess bleeding when incisions are made for microblading procedure.  People with rosacea and redness are excellent candidates for powder brows.

Individuals with transmittable blood diseases:

If the individual has HIV or Hepatitis then they should avoid getting microblading. The treatment of microblading can increase the risk of complications because the immune system is compromised. The healing process will also be impeded due to the increased likelihood of infection. 

Individuals diagnosed with auto-immune diseases:

People with such diseases can have severe reactions to microblading treatment. Their immune system is compromised and will not be able to handle the foreign pigment. Some of these disorders are managed with medication so it is best to check with your physician first.

Individuals who recently had Botox on their face:

If you recently had another beauty treatment on your face, specifically your brow, then you should wait a certain period before having microblading. If you had Botox or filler then you should wait for 2-4 weeks before you have microblading.

Patients being treated for cancer:

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, it is best to wait until the treatment is over before you get permanent makeup.   Having a skin condition near your eyebrows:   Any condition near your eyebrows can interfere with the healing process of microblading. These conditions include eczema, shingles, rashes, sunburn and other similar conditions.

Oily Skin:

People who have very oily skin are recommended to go for alternatives other than  microblading such as the powder technique.

Pregnant and nursing women:

No legitimate permanent makeup artist will microblade a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Having previous/pre-existing eyebrow tattoos:

People who have eyebrow tattoos from previous treatments should wait for their tattoos to fade away completely. Or they should consult their permanent makeup artist about getting a saline removal treatment to lighten the old work first.   Age factors:   It is illegal to microblade or tattoo individuals under the age of 18. Also, if you are over the age of 50 it is better to choose an alternative to microblading such  as a powder brow because the long term results will be more aesthetically pleasing. 

Understanding The Microblading Procedure

The procedure of microblading is similar to a tattoo procedure in that the microblading artist is inserting pigment in the skin, however, that is where the similarities end. Microblading is done with a hand held tool and the microblading artist only works in the uppermost part of the skin, that is why many people call it semi-permanent makeup. It is meant to look soft and natural and not meant to last forever like a body tattoo. This procedure uses a handheld tool with a group of needles on the tip. The needles are used to make incisions on your brow skin, while the incisions are being made, the needles deposit pigment in the skin that will give your brows a thicker and denser look.   The pigment or ink used in the procedure is safe for skin application and provides your eyebrows with a well-defined and more flattering look. Before a person goes “‘under the needle” to get the microblading treatment, their makeup artist will ask them about the look they want, their lifestyle and if and how they wear makeup so that they can get the best look for their individual needs.  Microblading is an absolute game changer for those who want to improve their eyebrows.   The procedure also allows you to match your hair color and the permanent makeup artist will also make sure that the color works with your skin tone. Once you have chosen the color of your brows, your artist will sanitize your brow area and design an eyebrow shape that is ideal for your face, once you are 100% satisfied with the shape your PMU artist will apply a numbing cream to the eyebrow region. When your eyebrow skin is numb the procedure will begin.    The hand-held device is then used to make controlled incisions. These incisions are not too deep and very much like scratches. This deposits the pigment under the layer of skin. The procedure is deliberate and precise and can take about 45-60 minutes.   After the completion of your procedure, you might experience a little bit of redness. This will subside in a couple of days and you can expect results to last about 9 months to 2 years.    Your makeup artist will also inform you about the aftercare guidelines so that you can protect your investment and have the best and longest lasting results.    In many cases the results of microblading depend very much on the type of skin and lifestyle of the client. Regular touch-up sessions can increase the life of your microbladed brows and are recommended approximately once a year.

How To Find The Right Microblading Expert

Finding the right microblading artist is more difficult than ever.  The first step in finding the right microblading expert is to make sure that the artist that you are considering is compliant with the health codes of the city in which she operates, safety and cleanliness is paramount and a pristine and sanitized environment is crucial for a good outcome.  Do not put yourself in a situation like a back room of a nail salon or a teaching environment.   Secondly, unless you are 100% sure of your choice, always have a conversation with your artist before you book your appointment because making sure that the permanent makeup artist understands your vision and is willing to execute it is an essential step to ensure good results.  Thirdly, beware of artists who only do one style of brow (known as cookie cutter brows) because a truly great eyebrow should be customized to the individual, not a one size fits all  brow stamp.

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