Nothing happens to your actual eyebrow hair after microblading, in fact, it is widely reported that the stimulation that microblading provides can actually increase hair growth.


One of the biggest concerns after getting a microblading procedure done is dealing with its aftereffects.  Some of the most common questions after microblading are:


“What happens if my eyebrows get wet after the procedure?”

“How do I wash my hair without getting my eyebrows wet?”

“Can I go to the beach after microblading my eyebrows today?”

“Can I go to the gym after my appointment?”


Sandy Allbright from Lily The Pink, in Los Angeles, gets asked these questions daily from her clients. She is an expert in permanent makeup and is always available to provide professional advice about permanent makeup techniques and aftercare treatment. 

Dry vs. Wet Healing


A controversial subject for microblading artists and people with permanent makeup is: dry versus wet healing. It seems that no two people seem to agree on the same solution. But everybody has an opinion and something to say about it.


Surprisingly, the solution is so simple and straightforward that there is no question about it. The resolution is, are you ready? Common sense. Let’s consider the two options in this context.


Once your permanent makeup artist has completed your brow procedure she will clean your eyebrows with sterile water and perhaps (if you have very dry skin) put a little salve on them.

Then the debate starts:

Some artists will tell their clients to wash their brows with soap and water a few hours after the treatment and continue to wash in the coming days and also to use something like Neosporin or Aquaphor, this is wet healing.

Some artists will tell their clients to leave their brows alone and not get them wet until the flaking has stopped, this is dry healing.

The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.  Think about how a doctor would tell you to take care of a wound.  Most doctors tell you to keep your wound clean and dry, they would not tell you to wash it and they certainly would not tell you to put anything on it. 


The Face Is A Gentle Part Of Your Body


“So, how do I keep my eyebrows clean and dry after a microblading procedure?”  According to expert advice, you should wipe your eyebrows very gently with sterile water wipe every 45 minutes (four or five times) immediately after the procedure. Remember that your face is delicate and the microblading is in a fragile state and needs to be left alone completely.  Avoid getting your eyebrows wet while they are in the healing stage because a wet brow can lead to poor color retention. If you do happen to get your new brows wet, simply pat them dry very, very gently with a clean paper towel or tissue.

The human body is a divine creation. The brain immediately sends white blood cells to the site of an injury whenever there is a wound, cut, or abrasion on the skin, and this “conciliates” with the body’s natural defense system to make sure it is closed. To get to the point, let mother nature do the work, you do not need to wash or use any potion, lotion, or snake oil to take care of your eyebrows.


Can I take my New Eyebrows to the Beach?


“Can I go to the beach to play beach volleyball with some friends after a dip in the ocean?


Please DO NOT go to the beach right after an eyebrow microblading treatment!


Even if you do not submerge your eyebrows in the water a drop of pool or lake or seawater could get in your eyebrow area and this type of water has great potential for harboring bacteria.

Some other examples of places to avoid in the first week following an eyebrow microblading treatment are the pool, the lake, saunas, and hot tubs.  All of these places present a risk of infection to your eyebrows. 


Recommendations For The First 5 To 7 Days:


Avoid participating in activities that make you sweat profusely during the first five to seven days. During this time, your body’s macrophages are still dealing with the new pigmentation introduced into your body by the microblading treatment. In this case, instead of “accepting” and “retaining” the inserted pigmentation, the body will release the pigmentation through excessive sweating.


Putting It All Together


You need to take the necessary precautions after an eyebrow microblading procedure, especially, if you want your new eyebrows to look their best. 


You can have the best natural-looking eyebrows with the proper care just a week or so after the procedure. Also, make sure that you schedule your touch-up session six to eight weeks after the initial treatment.


Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup is one of the best places to get microblading done in Los Angeles and will help guide you throughout your journey with a clear and concise after-care packet and instructions on how to take care of your beautiful new brows.  Click here to book an appointment today!