Most people’s eyebrows provide a silent introduction to their personality and emotions before they even utter a word. In past times thin, sleek eyebrows were the latest trend. Today, the stylish new look is having voluminous, bold eyebrows instead of the sleek over-plucked look.    Check out the latest fashion magazine pictures of actresses like Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Lawrence. You will see them all sporting their newest look with beautiful, full eyebrows.    With a casual stroll to the beauty counter, you will notice numerous makeup products all designed to fill in and darken patchy eyebrows. But do you still have to use these products and pluck your eyebrows after getting a microblading procedure? This article answers questions just like that and many more. If you are interested in having perfect eyebrows day in and day out you have certainly landed on the right page!

What Is Microblading?

  The traditional way to get full voluminous eyebrows is by waxing, shaping, plumping, and spending a lot of time on eyebrow makeup to make sure they are perfect. Today, however, procedures like microblading have allowed women of all ages to say goodbye to spending time doing their eyebrows. After all, less time doing makeup means more time doing the things that are important to you.   Microblading is the newest trend for eyebrow maintenance that is natural looking, cost-effective and provides long-lasting results. Microblading is also referred to as eyebrow restoration, eyebrow tattooing, micro-stroking, eyebrow embroidery or permanent makeup.   Before you jump out to the nearest microblading experts, here are some things you should know about the treatment.  

It’s A Three-Step Process

  The first, and one of the most vital parts of the microblading treatment, is the creative consultation. In the creative consultation, you will speak to the microblading expert about the new design for your eyebrows. Inform the permanent makeup artist of the color, curve, definition and shape you want for your new eyebrows.  Do not rush to make a decision quickly because the results are permanent and you want a look that you appreciate for a relatively long time. Ask questions and get a feel for the artist’s personality to see if you are a good fit, communication is one of the most important things when picking the right brow artist.   The second step is the actual microblading session. During the creative consultation, the permanent makeup artist will give you tips to prepare for the microblading session. For example, you shouldn’t consume alcohol 24 hours prior to the microblading treatment. The microblading artist will inform you if they can perform the microblading on the same day as the creative consultation or if you need to set up an appointment for a later date based on your particular situation.   The third step is the follow-up consultation which takes place four to eight weeks after the microblading treatment. The follow-up or touch-up session is a vital part of the treatment because this is when your artist adds the final touches and makes adjustments to ensure that your eyebrows look perfect. Your eyebrows might not last that long or look so good if you skip the touch-up session. You will certainly get the best value for money after the touch-up because you will have achieved the desired look.  

Microblading Is Not Permanent & It Is Not The Same As Tattooing

  Some people might fall in love with their new eyebrows so much that they’d wish it was 100% permanent but if done properly microblading results should only last anywhere from 18 to 30 months based on the care and maintenance you give your brows. The word ‘blading’ might sound frightening but there is nothing to fear because the permanent makeup artist will numb you so that you stay comfortable throughout the procedure.      Microblading is not the same as a tattoo, it is not as deeply implanted into the skin, microblading implants pigment only into the dermal layer of the skin and no further.  A  hand-held tool known as a microblade is used to draw hair strokes in the eyebrows. The pigment used is especially formulated for the face and is thicker in consistency in comparison to tattoo ink which is more fluid. You do not have to worry about ‘spilling’ as you do in a tattoo since the pigment is dense, which is also the reason why microblading is semi-permanent.   (Please note: Anytime pigment or ink is inserted into the skin it is considered a tattoo.)  

Almost Everyone Is A Potential Candidate

  During the creative consultation which can be done over the phone or in a discovery call, your consultant will ask you questions related to your health. Some candidates that are not suitable or might require a doctor’s note for the procedure are individuals undergoing treatment for cancer, diabetes, hemophilia, hepatitis and organ transplant. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Can I get a microblading treatment during pregnancy?” And the answer is always no.  It is not advisable for pregnant or nursing mothers to undergo any permanent makeup treatments.  

The Procedure Takes 2 to 3 Hours

  Two to three hours might sound like a long time to be under the gun, but remember that it includes the time for preparation too. Microblading does not involve a traditional tattoo gun and the sterile tool used to perform the procedure is only used once.  But before the permanent makeup artist uses the pen on your eyebrows to create those perfect arches, they will apply a local anesthetic to your eyebrows.   Once the numbing agent takes effect, most of the time will be spent making sure the artist pays meticulous attention to detail to create the chosen shape of your eyebrows. You will  live with the final result for months to come, this is why the microblading expert cautiously performs the procedure scrutinizing each and every stroke.  

You Don’t Need To Take A Break

  Some clients walk out the door ready to reveal their eyebrows to the world. In the beginning, your eyebrows may look darker and more defined and then slowly fade before the touch-up session. After the touch-up session, you will be ready to show off  your beautiful new eyebrows. 

Minimal Makeup Routine After Microblading

  Getting back to our plucking question:  Wake up in the morning, and be ready in the least amount of time possible. If you see a stray hair you can go ahead and pluck it but make sure that you are 100% healed before you do this. In the first few months you may not need to do anything at all to look good but after a few months you can naturally develop some strays that distort the look of your eyebrows, some people are fine with this and love the look and others like the clean lines of no stray hairs, it is totally up to you. You can decide to pluck, or tweeze your eyebrows or have them threaded. Another option is to check in with Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA, your Malibu microblading expert to see what she advises. The truth is that it is your call on how you want to manage your brow routine.
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