Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

In this day and age, people born with sparse eyebrows can have ones that are voluminous, thick, and precisely shaped.  Folks who have always envied others’ full and pink lips do not need to apply lipstick anymore. Even more amazing, is the fact that some of us can wake up with perfectly applied eyeliner that never budges.

These are the magical works of permanent makeup. Sadly, despite fulfilling our once unachievable dreams, permanent makeup continues to scare the masses. One of the main reasons behind the hesitation is the myths and lack of knowledge surrounding these cosmetic procedures. 

One of the greatest myths of permanent makeup is the assumption that it is a new procedure when in reality, the history of permanent makeup can be traced back to ancient Egypt.  Since then, permanent makeup has come a long way and the technicians now practice the art with certifications, safety protocols, and professional training.

The Fast-Growing Popularity of Permanent Makeup

At some point in our lives, almost all of us have wished that our lips could be a bit more pigmented or that our eyebrows could use some volume and hoped that our eyeliner could look perfect all the time.

What if we tell you that you can achieve all of these and not just for a few hours but weeks and months and years on end?  Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? 

As with all things beauty and fashion, permanent makeup got attention from celebrities, top models, and A-list actresses, and from there, the popularity of permanent makeup only grew. 

Microblading is one of the most popular forms of permanent makeup and chances are you have already heard of it.  In a couple of years, terms like lip blushing, powder brows, permanent eyeliner, and freckles will become household names – and the fear surrounding them will become non-existent. 

Types of Permanent Makeup 

Permanent makeup is an umbrella term used to describe any cosmetic procedure that lasts for weeks or months or years.  Let’s explore and learn about some of the most common forms of permanent makeup.

  • Microblading:

Microblading is one of the most popular and common forms of permanent makeup and it is used to achieve thicker and more voluminous eyebrows. The makeup artist uses a handheld tool with micro-sized needles at the end. The fine needles deposit ink just under the skin and mimic the texture of natural hair with its strokes.  

  • Lip Blushing

The permanent makeup technique of lip blushing gives the best and most natural results. The process involves depositing a natural shade of pigment all across the lips. The results give your lips a subtle wash of pigment and a much more defined lip line.  After this procedure, you wouldn’t feel the need to apply a lip liner, lipstick, or even gloss before going out.  The ink is deposited using a  vibrating pen-like machine. The procedure is entirely safe and the healing time is minimal.    

  • Permanent Liner 
  • Permanent liner is done by tattooing pigment within the lash line or above the lash line. However, it does not last forever and over time the color will fade.  Cosmetic eyeliner tattoos can be applied very thinly and so close to the lash line that it doesn’t appear obvious or… it can be done bolder and thicker and even with wings!  However you prefer it, permanent liner instantly enhances the eyes and gives the appearance of fuller lashes. 

How Long Do They Last?

Despite being called permanent makeup, the procedure lasts semi-permanently.  Lip blushing for instance lasts for 12 to 18 months. The ink will gradually fade over time but you can schedule a touch-up session during which you can get the color refreshed.

Microblading, done correctly,  lasts for about as long and you may need a touch-up after 12 to 18 months. 

The benefit of being semi-permanent is that you have the choice to go back to your natural eyebrows and lips or you can pick a different style and pigment shade once the first procedure begins to fade. 

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

The safety status of permanent makeup is dependent on your choice of the makeup artist.  A trained and certified permanent makeup artist is bound to follow the safety protocols before the procedure.

You will know you are in safe hands when the artist asks you questions about your allergies, medications, and medical history and when they follow the sanitation process and disinfect the area before starting the procedure.

We highly recommend reaching out to past clients and reading up on reviews before choosing your artist.  While the procedure is generally safe, the regulatory agencies are slow to keep up with the expanding market of permanent makeup and unfortunately, there are many amateurs and untrained artists operating in this field.

Am I a Good Candidate for Permanent Makeup?

Good permanent makeup will enhance your look without appearing fake or unnatural.  While anyone can go for permanent makeup, the best candidates are the ones who suffer from any of the following:

  • No eyebrows
  • Sparse lashes
  • Alopecia 
  • Lack of lip definition
  • Pale lips
  • Scarring on the lips or brows
  • Bald spot on the eyebrows
  • Unevenly shaped lips
  • Thin lash line
  • Allergic to makeup products

People who have lots of responsibilities, time constraints, or those who simply dislike the idea of spending precious time doing makeup are excellent candidates for permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is strictly not allowed on people who are on Accutane and they must be off it for at least 1 year before having a permanent makeup session.   

Permanent makeup offers an excellent option to anyone who wants to bring convenience and beauty into their lives without sacrificing time and energy.  Instead of spending an hour (or more) curling the lashes, applying double coats of mascara, perfecting the liner, doing the three stages of eyebrow makeup, lining the lips, applying lipstick and gloss, who wouldn’t prefer waking up with everything already done? 

The best part of permanent makeup is that it gives natural results without any intense or glaring changes.  Your look will still be yours but just a little more effortless and enhanced. 


Permanent Makeup in Santa Monica

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