With recent strides in the medical and beauty industry, researchers and beauty experts have developed ways to alter the way a person looks. Permanent makeup procedures have made it easier for people to get the perfect look without negative side effects. These methods no longer require trial and error to achieve the perfect result. One such procedure is Microblading.


Microblading is a permanent makeup treatment that will give you the eyebrows you have always dreamed of. Eyebrows are without a doubt the most essential facial feature and frame your entire face, so microblading may be one of the best ways to achieve a perfect brow.


Microblading can last for a considerable amount of time but first, we will have to discuss what is “Microblading.”  Let’s find out!

The Microblading Procedure

The microblading procedure initially struggled to gain acceptance in the USA. People seemed to be wary of how it worked and its benefits. However, over time the procedure has gained popularity because of how truly life-changing it is and how it can add so much more convenience and flair into your daily life. 


Microblading is a procedure that is done to treat sparse brows. Similar to that of a tattooing method, microblading uses a hand-held tool that has a group of needles on the end of it. The eyebrow expert operating the tool on your eyebrow region will create hair-like structures. These hair-like structures are made using skin-safe pigment especially formulated for the face area. The result being – fuller and realistic eyebrows with the perfect shape.


Before the procedure begins your permanent makeup artist will have a detailed discussion with you regarding what eyebrow issue you are facing and how it can be mitigated by microblading. You can decide the shape of your brows, the color, and how much filling in should be done. The microblading artist will also make sure that the color chosen will match your skin and hair so that it will heal beautifully.


Once all the details are finalized and the microblading expert has all the prerequisite information she will start the procedure. 


One of the first things your permanent makeup artist will do is apply numbing cream on your brows before the procedure starts. It is important to numb the eyebrow region as it is an invasive procedure and it is imperative for the client to be comfortable and still throughout the session.


The pigment from the hand-held tool will be deposited into the layer just under the eyebrow skin so the brow artist will be sanitizing your skin to prevent any infection. The hand-held device is used by the technician to make controlled strokes with the needles, much like paper cuts, depositing the pigment/ink under the skin layer. The total procedure time will be around 45 minutes to an hour.


After the session is completed your microblading expert will give you a detailed brief about aftercare and how you will need to treat the eyebrow area. You may feel redness, slight discomfort, and scabbing on the treated area. The redness and pain will disappear in a couple of days and the scabbing will cease in about a week and then you will be able to enjoy your gorgeous new brows!

How Long Will The Procedure Last?

Microblading is not supposed to last forever, that is why many people refer to it as semi-permanent makeup, however, you can still elongate its effectiveness and results with the right care.


How long the results last depends primarily on the type of skin, skin care products, and lifestyle. You can have regular touch-ups to increase the lasting effect of the procedure, annual touch-ups are standard.


Microblading is primarily for people who have brows but the weightage of hair is decreasing and balding spots are appearing. Otherwise, people with no brows should go for a powder brow procedure. 


Similarly, microblading results will fade away faster if the treated individual has oily skin so they might need more touch-ups. Younger people with fast metabolisms will require more touch-ups and follow-ups to maintain the shape of their brows because their skin responds less effectively to this method. 


In conclusion, an average individual can expect the results to last for about 9 months – two years with proper care and consultation. 

Is Microblading Worth it?

The answer is absolute, yes!  Women around the world are busier than ever.  They have a lot going on in their lives between work, family, and social obligations and they are looking for more convenience to get the perfect look. Microblading can save time and effort while consistently allowing a polished and elegant appearance.

After finding the right professional microblading expert and having done all the research, we guarantee that your microblading treatment will be well worth it because:

  • You will not need to get your eyebrows to be shaped every month
  • It will also help you to save precious time otherwise spent in applying makeup to your brows.
  • The results of the procedure cannot be matched by any other procedure
  • It makes you look and feel confident.
  • Your eyebrows look natural and perfect at all times.
  • You can get your eyebrows treated in any shape you want.
  • They will never smudge or smear.

How To Find The Right Microblading Expert

Finding a reputable and trusted Microblading expert can be difficult especially when so many beauty clinics have popped up everywhere. To find the right expert you must do proper research this way you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this procedure.

So how do you find a permanent makeup artist in your city?

The first thing you will need to do is to go out around your town and explore the available options. This is necessary to understand since the makeup treatment will be done on your face and will be visible to everyone. 

You must inquire with the microblading experts you meet about their methods and consult with them even if it is just a quick phone call. This way you can get a feel for their approach to their work and to their clients.  What’s the bottom line?  This is a personal service and it requires good communication between you and your artist. If you feel that the artist is not listening or understanding your needs, find one who does.  Good and friendly communication between artist and client ensures good results.

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