It’s not a secret that if you don’t have nature’s gift of full and shapely brows that they can be bought!  Advancements in cosmetic procedures have been a game changer for those of us with sparse brows and our saving grace comes to us in the form of Microblading.    Microblading is an aesthetic, non-surgical treatment that will quickly get you the beautiful brows you have always wanted. Still, you have to understand that you have to practice a little bit of care after microblading. In most cases, your permanent makeup artist will advise you to  get your microblading BEFORE getting botox. And, when you have had microblading done, it’s best to wait for at least 4 weeks before you go ahead with your botox appointment.   Let’s look deeper into the treatments of microblading and botox and how you should practice caution with both non-surgical cosmetics techniques – microblading or botox, to get the best of both worlds.  

What Are The Precautions You Need To Take After Microblading?

  Microblading is done by a trained permanent makeup artist who uses a specialized tool to insert pigment into the skin around your brows to give the appearance of fuller brows in the desired shape. It is a relatively painless procedure that is minimally invasive. However, any self respecting microblading artist will tell you that even completely non-invasive cosmetic treatments require some aftercare.   So, once you’ve had microblading done you will have to take care of your new and improved brows. The microblading healing process lasts for about a week. You are advised to stay away from applying makeup on the brow area and to keep your brows dry and never scrub your face vigorously or try to remove any scabs that appear close to the eyebrows. Also, you need to avoid applying any form of exfoliants or lotions to the treated area.   In short, microblading aftercare means that you need to take it easy on your brow area in terms of cosmetic or aesthetic treatments but there’s no denying that microblading and botox are compatible aesthetic treatments that will compliment one another.  

Why Should You Go With Microblading Before Botox?

  According to Sandy Allbright, a recognized name in the field of permanent makeup, if you want botox and microblading, go for microblading first. Here is the number one reason behind such advice:    Botox is fundamentally a wrinkle-smoothing injection and wrinkle-smoothing injections such as botox will alter your muscle response. When you get botox, your expression and movement of the brow will be changed, so as a result, the position of your natural brows will change as well.   Now, suppose at this stage you decide to get microblading. In such cases, it is extremely likely that your microblading will be placed incorrectly due to your brows’ new position. Then, in a few months, when the botox starts to wear off, as it does, the position of your eyebrows will return to their natural state but the microblading which was done according to the ‘botoxed’ brows will remain in the same place and that’s when things will start to look very asymmetrical.   So, if you don’t want to run the risk of making such a monumental mistake, you will definitely not consider botox before microblading. If you have done your homework and had microblading first, please allow your brows to heal fully and completely before taking on another non-surgical cosmetic procedure.   In truth, if you are going to a well-reputed microblading studio like Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup Los Angeles, you will never have to worry about such mistakes as they make 100% sure that their customers are good candidates for the treatment that they require, relieving you, the client, of any stress in relation to getting things done smoothly and making you the best version of yourself.  

What If You Already Have Done Botox Before Microblading?

  If you have been getting botox injections for some time and now find yourself in need of microblading you need not worry that microblading is no longer a possibility for you. Yes, experts do advise that beauty lovers go for microblading before botox but if you’ve had botox done, then all you have to do is give yourself some time before you opt for a microblading treatment.   In most cases, where clients have got botox, microblading artists advise a wait of at least 6-8 weeks before getting microblading. The time-lapse will allow the movement and expression of your natural brow to return. That way, your permanent makeup artist will be able to give you a more perfectly placed brow.  

Final Considerations

  Aesthetic treatments can significantly enhance your looks and give you a boost of confidence but it is important for you to take extra caution and do your research before you actually get any of these cosmetic procedures done.  If you want to have a couple of treatments done together, you need to ensure that none of the cosmetic treatments are incompatible with each other.    If you’ve never had any cosmetic treatments done and are a novice at gathering information about the treatments you are interested in, it’s best to go straight to an expert.  At Lily The Pink Permanent Makeup LA, you will get the best microblading service and care. They will guide you not just with aftercare but will be better able to advise you about the cosmetic procedures that complement your new brows to get you to a more enhanced version of yourself.
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