Microblading allows people to have the perfect brows they’ve always wanted.  Not just that, it eliminates the need to get your eyebrows done every few weeks or put on makeup every day and you can enjoy them for months and even years with just a few routine touch-ups.


However, sometimes people have microblading procedures that they are not satisfied with,  so they may want to get them removed.  Microblading tattoos are commonly removed using an acid removal system, a saline removal system, or lasers. 


Microblading removal involves a breakdown of the pigment allowing it to be absorbed into the body or extracted through the skin. These microblading removal techniques can be harsh on your skin requiring longer healing periods but they are also more effective and allow for faster results.

What are my Options for Microblading Removal?

Microblading tattoos can be removed by using three different procedures. These are Saline Microblading Removal, Laser Removal, and  Acid Removal.


It is safe to go with any of these options, however, it is very important to note that some of these treatments are quite invasive and relatively painful and all must be done 6-8 weeks apart.  Of the three removal options, we have found that the saline microblading removal process is the most effective and least invasive.


Below is all you need to know about the Saline Microblading Removal Procedure.

What is Saline Removal and How is it Done?

Saline microblading removal involves using a proprietary saline solution to fade microblading tattoos. It is considered by many as the most effective solution for microblading removal and it can only be performed by trained permanent makeup artists. The pricing for this procedure varies from region to region.


Because saline removal reverses the effects of microblading it is also called reverse microblading.


This procedure has emerged as an offshoot of microneedling. In this procedure, the permanent makeup artist will puncture the upper layer of your microbladed skin and deposit a saline-based solution into the incisions.


The saline solution lifts (through osmosis) the tattoo pigment and then the residue is pulled from the skin through scabbing.


Although this procedure was first used as a fading option, the results have been so effective that it is now known as a tried and tested microblading removal technique.

Who should Opt for Microblading Saline Removal?

The procedure is best for people who are not satisfied with their microblading tattoos. The procedure is highly effective with darker shades of pigments and tattoos, with visible results in one or two sessions. 


Clients that want to remove microblading tattoos that are deeply implanted and have been in the skin for a long time will need to have multiple sessions of saline removal. But the results will be worthwhile, you just need to be a bit more patient.


Saline removal works on all kinds of pigment colors so it is a recommended option for all clients.

Does Saline Removal Hurt?

The general feedback from most people that undergo microblading saline removal is that the procedure does not hurt much.


Your permanent makeup artist will apply a topical anesthetic or numbing cream on your microbladed brow and will start the procedure once your eyebrow region is numb. Most people are nervous at first but say that it is not too bad, especially if they compare it to the experience of their initial microblading procedure. 

What is the Healing Process Like After Saline Microblading Removal?

After a saline microblading removal, your skin will heal faster than after laser removal and you will not be left with hair loss or a shiny after effect that lasers can leave behind.


The healing process for saline microblading removal is very similar to the healing process from the initial microblading procedure as they are both similar to start with.


The permanent makeup artist you are consulting with will give you an aftercare guide to follow so that your saline removal is successful and your skin recovers quickly. 

Some recommended tips are:

  • To keep the eyebrow area clean and dry
  • Not exposing the treated area to water
  • Use eyebrow shields when taking a shower 
  • Washing your face gently with wipes
  • Avoid touching scabs or picking
  • Use vitamin E oil after the scabs are gone

Emergency Saline Microblading Removal

It is rare but still unfortunate for people to regret their decision after having a semi-permanent makeup procedure. If you are not satisfied with your microbladed brows, you might want to remove them immediately after the procedure. In such a case, you can have a Saline Microblading Removal treatment only within the first 48 hours after the initial microblading.


This emergency saline removal is different from the one done after the microbladed brows have healed. In this procedure, there is no need to make incisions since the wound is new. Saline solution is manually applied to the incisions to extract the pigment.


You cannot have an emergency microblading removal service after 48 hours of the microblading procedure because there is a risk of scarring, you must wait at least 30 days for removal in this case.

How Much Does Saline Removal Cost?

The microblading saline removal is charged either per hour or per session basis. On average a session can cost around $250. The more sessions you have the higher the final cost.

Is There a Way to Remove Microblading at Home?

Microblading tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup that will require a professional removal procedure to reverse the results.

It is not recommended as an at-home procedure as there is the risk of infection and scarring.


Is Microblading Removal During Pregnancy Possible?

There is a consensus among the permanent makeup industry that permanent and semi-permanent makeup procedures should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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