Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup for people looking to give their lips a more youthful and fresh appearance. This permanent makeup technique enhances the shape and color of the lips, making them appear fuller. The procedure is also a game changer for those looking to enhance the outline of their lips. As we grow older, our lips lose their original color and brightness, appearing dull and almost invisible. This procedure not only rejuvenates the lips but the entire face will seem to light up after the process.  After getting the lip blush done, you no longer have to worry about lining your lips and applying color or lipstick on them every day.   If this cosmetic procedure has caught your attention, we have a lot more to share with you, including the answer to how long it lasts. Let’s get into it:

How Does it Work?

Here’s how the procedure of lip blushing works: a small needle attached to an electric handheld device is used to deposit pigment into the lips. The permanent makeup artist brushes the skin with the needle multiple times to introduce color to your lips. The pigment creates layers of color, gradually taking over the entire lip area.  Lip blushing is also a corrective procedure, it is excellent for evening out the asymmetry and shape of the lips along with creating a more defined outline. A lip-blushing procedure can cost you anywhere between $400 to $1200, depending on your area of residence and the level of expertise of the makeup artist of your choice.  

How Long Does Lip Blushing Last?

Lip blushing in Los Angeles is conducted using pigment, rather than ink so it does not last forever. On average, a lip blush treatment might last between 2 to 5 years. The exact time frame varies from person to person.  For instance, a person who doesn’t smoke and works indoors will probably enjoy the results for more than 3 years. A person who smokes or works under the sun for hours will experience a quicker deterioration of the pigments in the lips. Several other factors can affect the life of the lip blush and cut it short. Such as:
  • Oily skin
  • Iron deficiency
  • Excessive chemical and/or physical exfoliants
  • Excessive sweating
  • Swimming frequently
  • Metabolism
  • Health Issues
  • Medications
Something that can help the lip blush last longer is repeating the procedure (touch-up sessions) at intervals to maintain the results.

How Painful is The Procedure?

Although non-surgical, the procedure involves depositing ink into the lips using a needle repeatedly. Without a numbing cream, it can be uncomfortable. To minimize discomfort during the process, professional artists administer topical numbing cream.    Those with a low pain threshold can also take Tylenol before their appointment to make the procedure tolerable. However, clients should steer clear of aspirin and ibuprofen as they are blood thinners and can cause even more pain.

How Long Does the Lip Blush Healing Process Last?

Right after the procedure, the lips appear super bright and pigmented. Don’t worry, this isn’t the result. Over the next 5 to 7 days, your lips will go through the healing process, the swelling will go down, the pigment will begin to fade, and there will be peeling. In a little over a week, your lips will be healed but it is still not the final result. It will take at least a month for you to finally see your new lip blush, a softer, natural color. After a month and a half, you can make adjustments to your lips if you aren’t satisfied with the opacity or saturation of the pigment, or if it appears patchy in places a touch-up session will resolve any concerns that you may have.

How To Heal the Right Way?

To ensure the best results, here’s what you need to do while your lips are still healing:
  • Do not soak your lips or wash them with any product
  • Do not pick your lips when it’s peeling
  • Apply the lip balm or the moisturizer suggested by your permanent makeup artist
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Avoid intense workouts or any activity that leads to sweating
  • Avoid swimming and contact with chlorinated water
  • Avoid steam baths and saunas
  • Use a straw when drinking
  • Take small bites of food
  • Avoid oily or spicy foods

Finding the Perfect Shade

The decision of choosing the shade of lip pigment is entirely in your hands. Your makeup artist will discuss the shade with you at length, and a high-end salon with excellent services would always mix and match and customize pigments until you are satisfied with it. If you are indecisive, we suggest trying various shades of lipstick or your favorite lip gloss at home. Once you have settled on a shade, bring it along with you on the day of your appointment. As a guideline, always go for neutral shades of coral, rose, or plum tones. See which one goes nicely with your skin tone. And in case you don’t have lipstick but only a picture of you wearing your perfect shade, bring it along for reference. Remember, this pigment will last on your lips for quite some time.  

For Superior Results – Find a Trained Technician in Los Angeles

When it comes to anything permanent, it pays to do your homework. Lack of research in this regard will often lead to unhappy results. Looking for an artist in Los Angeles means finding one around every corner. To cut down your options, we suggest you make a beeline for Lily the Pink Permanent Makeup LA. At this permanent makeup studio, you will find an artist that is passionate and loves helping people feel beautiful and confident. Knowledgeable and a true expert in the art of microblading and lip blushing. Talk to our clients, go through our portfolio, and book an appointment for an upgraded look.
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