Beautiful Brows

The growing obsession of the eyebrow is easy to understand in the selfie age in which we live. From framing the eyes, to playing a notable roll in communication, the eyebrows are a person’s most important facial feature.

If you have not been blessed with with perfect eyebrows, you know how much time and money it takes to get an aesthetically pleasing eyebrow look. The daunting routine of shaping and filling in eyebrows is extremely time consuming and very difficult to get right consistently.

The correct eyebrow shape can flatter your eyes and face, making you look younger and prettier. Also true, the wrong eyebrow shape can make you appear older than you are, tired, or angry. This is why permanent makeup for the eyebrow is the answer.

Sandy Allbright, a premier Los Angeles permanent brow artist, has a way with brows and through her attention to detail and passion for her craft, will give you gorgeous smudge proof brows that don’t come off at the most embarrassing times.

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