Powder Brows

A chic, trending way to get great, natural looking eyebrows without the daily chore of drawing them on is with the powder technique.

Powder brows are a form of permanent makeup that deliver a perfectly shaped brow ranging from light and soft to dark and bold. The term powder brow comes from the misty, powdery makeup look on the brow. The powder brow technique is the filling in or thickening of the brow, the gradual layering of pigment ensures that there are no harsh edges and the results are soft and natural looking.

Are Powder Brows for Everyone?

Yes! Unlike other forms of permanent makeup like microblading, powder brows are ideal for oily and delicate skin and the results last an impressive 1-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

The number one piece of advice all beauty experts give when it comes to eyebrow treatments like this is: Know and trust the artist. Sandy Allbright is a trusted and talented Los Angeles based brow artist who can be found at her boutique studio, Lily The Pink, located on the west side of LA.